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Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Bonus Instructions

    • Cattle Management Booklet

  2. 02
    • Cattle Glossary

    • Steer External Parts Diagram

  3. 03
    • Cattle Facility

  4. 04
    • Cattle Equipment

  5. 05
    • Cattle Selection

    • Selecting Slick Shear Cattle

  6. 06
    • Cattle Feeding

    • How to Read A Feed Tag - Cattle

  7. 07
    • Cattle Health

    • How To Read A Drug Label - Cattle

  8. 08
    • Cattle Halter Breaking

  9. 09
    • Cattle Washing and Rinsing

    • Blower Basics - Blow Drying Show Cattle

  10. 10
    • Clipping Hair Steers

    • Slick Shearing Steers

  11. 11
    • Cattle Showmanship and Showing

  12. 12
    • Fitting Hair Steers

    • Show Day for Slick Shear Steers

    • Show Cattle Packing List

    • Show Day Infographic - Cattle

  13. 13
    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Facilities Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Equipment Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Selection Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Feeding Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Health Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Halter Breaking Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Washing & Rinsing Quiz

    • Let's Check Your Learning! Cattle Blower Basics Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Clipping Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Showmanship Quiz

    • Test Your Knowledge! Cattle Fitting Quiz


  • What is Show Smart?

    Show Smart includes fast-paced, information-packed videos that keep kids and parents engaged and learning to successfully raise market projects.

  • How long is my subscription?

    Your subscription lasts for 365 days. Access the information any time you want from your phone, computer, or tablet.

  • What topics does Show Smart cover?

    Show Smart covers facility design, feeding, selection, showmanship, daily care, health, clipping, halter breaking, and fitting.

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